the second time around...


unning updates for the week: I ran four miles for the second time today, with the assistance of a knee brace. The first time left me a bit (OK, a lot) sore, especially in my left leg. And the weight loss has *finally* started. Woo-hoo!

Days Running: Forty-nine
Peak Weight: 222 lbs./100.7 kg
Current Weight: 216 lbs./97.97 kg
Miles This Week: 9.7
Total Miles: 40.1

In other news, I'm multi-tasking tonight, watching the Oscars and blogging at the same time. I. Love. Jon. Stewart. If I lived in Utah, he could be my second husband. Jon, if the Jewish thing ever gets old, I'll be waiting for you with the Book of Mormon by my side. I'll even forgive you for making Doogal.

posted by amanda @ 9:29 PM


At 3/06/2006 01:20:00 PM, Blogger JustRun said...

Great job with the running!

Re: Jon Stewart
I believe I might just adore him more by the day, as well. :)


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