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he lovely Debutaunt needs some support. She is a regular read of mine, funny, fabulous, and a mommy to one of the cutest little girls around. She also has leukemia, and is being admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning to start her bone marrow transplant at M.D. Anderson. Please head on over and leave some kind thoughts.

Deb frequently challenges her readers to complete assignments that encourage taking part in life's small joys. Recently, she received two dozen roses and asked her readers to get flowers for themselves so they might share in the same joy that she experienced. She's just like that--generous, joyous, and REAL, even in the face of a long, complicated treatment.

These flowers are in honor of you, Deb. I know that you won't be able to have real flowers in the hospital. However, I hope that you know that you have so many people all over the internet and beyond thinking about you and hoping for the best. The transplant won't be easy, but I know that you'll do your best to kick those lovely stem cells into high gear. You CAN do this. And we'll be rooting for you with all we've got.

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At 2/19/2006 01:37:00 AM, Blogger Keri said...

The lilies are gorgeous. They look just like the ones that grow in my landscaping. Well, that used to grow there. I told them not to put anything complicated in my yard. They weren't really complicated. But all of the stuff that grew around them were. A little complicated... needed trimming back. They covered up those lilies. *sigh* And now the lilies are sort of gone for the most part. ;) But yours? Gorgeous! Way to take Deb's advice!


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