real cancer, real lives #10

hello and welcome to the tenth edition of real cancer, real lives!
this blog carnival is a continuing effort of patients, caregivers, and medical bloggers to document what living with cancer is really like. the goal? to bust through the misconceptions about this disease that are perpetuated by the media and those who've been lucky enough to have never had to deal with it.

patient blogs

glori at cancer portrait wrote this introspective post about how cancer has changed her perspective and the way she defines herself.

dana, the author of journey through breast cancer, wrote this post about the truly awesome holiday gift of being finished with her treatment.

dalene at rutabaga stew at wayward waif composed the post, "cancer go away," which is a sentiment that we can all relate to. this post contains a helpful primer for those who were recently diagnosed.

minerva, the author of a woman of many parts, submitted "neither christmas nor new years…," a post reflecting on the inner strength and fierce determination that she has developed during her journey with breast cancer.

caregiver blogs

cary over at cancer news watch announces a landmark in cancer reseach--the national cancer institute just announced a plan to map the entire cancer genome. this project will lead to prevention and improved treatment for all types of cancer, and may even lead to specified cancer prevention.

medical blogs

hsien hsien, contributor to the genetics and health blog, writes this post about the increasing importance of sucking it up and eating your dark green vegetables. looks like mom was right after all.

real cancer, real lives needs you!

if you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s carnival, please visit the real cancer, real lives home page and read more about how you can host the carnival or submit your cancer-related writing. there has been a dearth of both hosting volunteers and post submissions lately—and we don’t have the holidays to use as an excuse anymore. please get involved!! by starting this carnival, cary and lori have created an open, honest forum for anyone who is affected by cancer. won’t you help out?

e-mail cary to sign up for a date to host the carnival. currently, 16 and 23 january are available, as are all dates in february.

submit your posts at the blog carnival submission form (please make sure that "real cancer, real lives" is highlighted in the "choose your carnival" box).

i hope that you enjoyed this week’s edition of the carnival. please check out next week’s carnival at cancer portrait.

posted by amanda @ 1:45 PM


At 1/01/2006 04:30:00 PM, Anonymous Dalene said...

Thank you for hosting the blog carnival and including Cancer Go Away from Rutabaga Stew at Wayward Waif.

I came by to wish you all the best that 2006 has to offer, and read your calendar burning ritual -- awesome! Very cleansing and powerfully renewing.

I feel fortunate to have discovered your blog, it is inspiring.

At 1/01/2006 09:58:00 PM, Anonymous Hsien Lei said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for including Genetics and Health.

May 2006 bring you and your husband much happiness.

At 1/03/2006 11:14:00 AM, Anonymous Cary said...

Great job Amanda...thanks so much for the hard work :)

I guess I'd better get to reading, eh?

Happy New Year!

At 1/03/2006 02:35:00 PM, Blogger Minerva said...

Fab job Amanda! And thank you for including me...



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