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n light of the NBC News piece on the general misery and malaise of the American public, I figured that I'd do my Girl Scout "Good Deed for the Day" and try to cheer up my little corner of the Internet. This cheerleading chant comes to us from Cancer, Baby, who is need of some cheering-up herself after some recent treatment complications. Please stop by her site and leave good thoughts.

Ready? Okay!

You might be good at spreading
Fast and far and wide (clap)
But it's not you we're dreading
So you'd better step aside (clap)

Yeah, Cancer, you don't scare us
You don't give us pause (clap)
'Cause the foe that just won't spare us
Is the cancer rah-rah cause (clap)

They cheer and shout and scream on high
And drown out every voice (clap)
While ill folks live and ill folks die
By drugs and luck, not choice (clap)

They talk of war and they live strong
They tell us, "fix your 'tude!" (clap)
They think we'll beat you 'fore too long
If we just change our mood (clap)

Perhaps without them, Cancer
There would be less to fear (clap)
They think they have the answer
Then kill us with their cheer (clap)

So listen up all mood police
We're taking back our pride (clap)
We need our dignity and peace
No matter how we die (clap)

Meanwhile we won't take your shit
Won't take it on our chins (clap)
If you quit yapping just a bit
We'll sport some fucking grins (clap)

posted by amanda @ 8:49 AM


At 1/11/2006 02:20:00 PM, Blogger Minerva said...

I almost got out my pompoms and tapping shoes...Wait - I don't have any pom poms or tap shoes...

Oops..where DID that brain go?!



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