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my plans to conquer the 2006 honolulu marathon in the name of leukemia research and patient support has hit a bit of a snag. after a few days of playing phone tag with the wonderful directors of the maryland team in training chapter, i finally got the news that my chapter does not have a team to go to hawaii. the only winter 2006 events that the maryland chapter sponsors are in arizona and florida (neither of them shabby places, but i don't have good friends to visit in phoenix or orlando).

since i am determined to run this marathon to benefit the leukemia/lymphoma society, i now have several options to explore: i could try to sign up with either the virginia or washington d.c. chapters, if they have a team going to honolulu, i could try to sign up with the honolulu team and not meet them till the week of the race, or i can run as a community fundraiser. although the latter is the least attractive option, i think that it may be the course that i end up taking. don't get me wrong--fundraising for this cause in any capacity would be an honor--but if i go as a community fundraiser, i wouldn't get to train with any of the teams. running that much by myself might get a bit lonesome.

i am currently indulging in one last bacchanalian holiday season before i start training 3 january. there's a treadmill (a hand-me-down) and a bathroom scale waiting for me under the tree. after these last days of eating what i want, when i want, on day one of training i switch to the big breakfasts, 50/50 carb-protein combos, and mini-meals of the runner. i'm starting with one mile/day, with a starting mix of 50/50 running/walking. (yeah, i know that's nothing...but i really let myself go this year.) the goal is to be at a five-mile running clip by 1 july. weekly progress will be posted here each weekend.

more to come...

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