some good news for a change

we have a rough couple of days ahead of us but it ends well. hubby has a bone marrow aspirate yesterday, surgery to have his i.v. catheter removed today, and his final (hopefully, final for his whole life) lumbar puncture and spinal tap wednesday morning. his new immune system got a bit of a test when we both got a cold last week, but he is healing quite nicely on his own (not even an otc decongestant!!) it was a little bit nerve-racking but great to see his immune system react like it should without any outside help.

wednesday afternoon, WE ARE DISCHARGED and move back to waldorf. from here on out, we'll only have to go to johns hopkins once a month, and hubby of course has weekly check-ins with his local oncologist, but it will be an easy schedule compared to what we've been doing.

thursday morning, if hubby feels up to it, we are headed to north carolina for thanksgiving. (if not, i stocked up on our own mini-thanksgiving dinner with a turkey breast and some fixins, although this will be my first time roasting meat of any kind, so we'll see how it goes).

next week, i go back to work full-time. i'm looking forward to getting back to a regular routine but it is going to be a BIG mental adjustment to go back. i just have this idea that going from this intensely medical environment back to the banalities of everyday life will take a large mental leap. hopefully, i will not fall into the crevasse.

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At 11/22/2005 05:35:00 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Congrats to you both on Hubby's discharge! That's wonderful news, and although no one likes a cold, it's nice to hear that he fought it off on his own!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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