new beginnings

yesterday, my first day back at work after the transplant, was comprised of many highs and a few (just a few) dark lows. i had worked myself into a lather at the beginning of the day--i was so worried about leaving hubby with no caregiver (and no one close by that he could call in an emergency) that i almost cried when it was time to leave. by the time i tried to finish some errands, the tears came for real and i was completely irrational. (note to self: bad customer service at the pharmacy is NOT a good reason to totally lose it.)

i got to work and, contrary to my preconceptions, the day got a lot better. i got a ton of hugs and my coworkers even left a gift basket in my office, complete with an anti-stress massage kit (which i will hit hubby up for when he's feeling a bit stronger.)

i got rained on (in a big way) when i left work--i was dripping wet just from walking across the parking lot. AND i had to administer my first subcutaneous injection of procrit to hubby last night. talk about nerve-racking, with a racing heart and barely breathing, i think i was more nervous than hubby! but I DID IT and didn't even hurt him (other than the pinch from the needle stick).

hubby has his first post-discharge checkup today, so hopefully things will continue to go well.

this might just work out.

the anti-stress gift from my coworkers

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At 11/30/2005 11:10:00 AM, Anonymous Cary said...

Amanda, reading this just took me back to when Lori was first diagnosed, and I remember going through nearly identical emotions. After that first month off of work I didn't know how I could ever go back...I remember feeling incredibly guilty for leaving her side.

As for those shots – I hope you don't have to give them for as long as I've been giving them, but trust me, you'll become an old pro in no time.

Recently Lori was asleep on the couch when I realized she absolutely had to have her neupogen shot, and believe it or not, I managed to give it to her while she was still sleeping!


Hang in there my friend :)

At 11/30/2005 12:40:00 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

That's such good news, what a weight off your shoulders! Hopefully it will start to get better from here on out!

At 11/30/2005 08:30:00 PM, Blogger Hope said...

The first step in "normal life" whatever normal is. Sounds like a good start though! Hang in there.


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