final chapter

or rather, the final sub-chapter of my recent adventures at work.

i was at work on saturday, and my supervisor unexpectedly stops by. which is okay, there was a fair amount of activity going on in the building, and there were no upset kids or parents, which is a successful day in my book.

the following is pretty much a literal transcript of our conversation:

"hey! how are you doing? how's [hubby]?"

"i'm doing okay, [hubby] feels okay, but we are both on edge a little bit."

"oh, really, why is that?"

"he's getting the first stages of graft-vs-host-disease."

"graft-vs-host-disease? what's that?"

"it's sort of a good thing and a bad thing--his new marrow is attacking his body--"

"--wait, isn't that like, 'i invited you to this party, what are you doing, man?'"

"--well, yeah," i continued, "but it's a good thing 'cause as long as it's just minor, it just means that his new marrow is trying to set up its own immune system."

"it's just minor right now?" (supervisor is getting visibly more and more uncomfortable with the conversation, and it's now taken the tone of small talk rather than interest or concern)

"yeah, well, he has a rash all over his face and neck, so that bugs him a bit, he doesn't like to go out in public, but i don't think it's that noticable and i'm glad that he doesn't have a more severe case..."

(super is no longer making eye contact with me)

"oh, what happens with a severe case of this?"

"well, it could attack his liver or his gut; if it gets really severe, it can be fatal."

(super's eyes literally bug out.)

"WELL...we have quite a few kids in the building tonight, don't we? it sure is getting cold outside!"

with that, he turned around and walked double-time to his office and shut the door.

the humor of the situation far outweighed the old feelings of anger that my place of employment was misunderstanding or uncaring, so i guess i've overcome the negativity on my end of the deal.

i just hope that my super gets to remain this ignorant about cancer treatment for the rest of his life, and doesn't have to go through what we've been through. i don't know if he could take it.

score one for me. :)

posted by amanda @ 5:46 PM


At 10/26/2005 02:22:00 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Don't worry, Dear, this is exactly why you have US---your readers and "friends" in cyberspace. We're always here for you and praying for you. I can't wait until you can say goodbye to the jerks you work for!!!!


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