The transplant went okay yesterday. We were at the clinic all day and
eric was attached to an iv pump all day, so mobility was limited. the
whole event was very anti-climatic, the bag of marrow was smaller than
expected and was administered just like a blood unit. the most
stressful part of the day for eric and i was trying to pick out a gift
for our donor (hubby's brother). we both put a lot of thought into it
but there just isnt a gift out there that screams "thanks for the
organ donation." not exactly a hallmark card for that one. (we
settled on a manly silver chain--apparently, jewelry is an all-purpose
gift for men as well as women.)
i'm going back to work one day a week starting this saturday. hubby's
doing ok, his hair hasn't fallen out yet and we look and act a lot
more normal than a lot of the other patients at the clinic. I guess
this means we are either weird or resilient. the clinic is a
depressing place--every one else there is all sad and quiet and stuff
(except for the nurses, who are mostly our age and seem to appreciate
that we don't act like hubby's on his deathbed.) sometimes i just feel
like telling people to get over it, stop feeling sorry for themselves,
and to make the best of the time that they have there. there's an old
guy who comes in every day and tells everyone within shouting distance
that if he dies from this, he is okay with that, he's had a full life,
blah, blah, blah...hubby and i both want to beat the crap out of that
guy. (my bitchy streak has apparently not subsided as a result of
this experience.) :)

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