the o. c.

no posts for a while due to the computer crashing. we had to completely reformat. fortunately, a lot of our pics were backed up.

we leave for baltimore tomorrow. we're not ready to go at all. we have been putting off all of the prep work that goes into an operation of this magnitude. the procrastination is a side effect of the increasing anxiety that we both feel as september 16 grows closer.

we were in ocean city for the weekend as one final hurrah before we head to our city of dreams. although we weren't sure how we would feel about a beach that was so developed and built-up, we had an amazing time. hubby and i spent tons of time on the beach and in the water, reconnecting ourselves to the rhythm of life outside of work and traffic and all of the things that just don't matter at the end of the day. in the evenings, we danced down the boardwalk to the buskers pouring their souls through the small holes in a harmonica. we shared a funnel cake and got our picture taken as a couple from the 1920s. it was a perfect send-off to our lives pre-transplant.

tomorrow we dive into the deep end and hopefully we'll emerge cleansed of leukemia.

here's to many more romantic weekends on the beach.

straight gangsta, 1920s style

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