excitement and flashing lights

i witnessed my very first high-speed police chase this past saturday while driving home from work. just driving down route five, minding my own business, when all of the sudden a truck with two atvs on back comes blazing out of the traffic coming the opposite direction. one of the atvs was hanging off of the bed, onto the ground, and was ON FIRE. as in three foot flames shooting off of the back of the atv.

if this wasn't enough, five cop cars come blazing after it.

saw it on the news later that night and it was an armed car-jacking in hughesville (about five miles south of waldorf). brothas jacked dat hoopte and wuz rollin' back to da d.c.

life is exciting in the dc metro area. but it is exciting for all of the wrong reasons.

(if you don't believe me click here.)

posted by amanda @ 10:56 PM


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