charm city

no pictures yet. (at least that i can upload to a public computer.)

we are staying in the renovated church home hospital, where edgar allan poe passed away. we have not experienced a haunting yet, but sometimes the toilets make a weird noise. it's on several lists of haunted places in baltimore though.

our new neighborhood is gritty and diverse. very latina right where we are at, with the tourist area of fells point directly to our south, and little italy to our south east. there's also a (still-operating!) adult movie theatre with a double feature every night. it may be a weird thing to notice but those theatres are few and far between in these days of moral decency, v-chips, and family programming. most are simply content to sit at home and watch cadavers being dissected or people eating pureed rats on television.

this isn't going to be so bad.

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