rant (you have been forewarned)

well, thus begins another entry in this journal. i didn't have my computer for about a month during the move, and when we did get it back, it now makes this annoying loud buzzing noise whenver you turn it on. works fine, just buzzes...so since the noise drives us crazy, it doesn't get turned on nearly as much as it used to. but i'm thankful that it's made 2 trans-pacific trips now and only has a buzzing noise.

we settled in southern maryland on default after spending 3 days here. the place is near an old college roommate of hubby's and seemed relatively inoffensive. we couldn't find any listings that we could afford near the bay, so southern md it was. our apartment is nice but devoid of personality, much like the surrounding community. the area around dc is simply a bedroom community suburb of the actual city. there is nothing to do here (unless you like going to the mall of course). even the mall and restaurants in the area are all national chains of inexpensive inoffensive american food...heaven forbid there be anything unique in this fucking place. oh wait, i forgot...you have to drive and subway for an hour to get to the city if you actually want some kind of cultural experience.

the worst part is that there is no room for nature here. the chesapeake is dirty brown and smells of dead fish. state parks charge $6/head just to drive through the front gate (not that the weather would ever permit hiking here---heat indexes have been around 100 degrees F most days). the area has a cost of living that is just as high as oahu's, except that it is utterly devoid of all charm. unless you like crab, of course...there's plenty of that! but after eating crab about 10 different ways, it still remains a poor substitute for the friendliness and natural beauty of our old post.

we reached the holy grail of our epic, johns hopkins medical center, on 26 june. we were scared out of our minds as we approached the lobby, as this was truly why we embarked on our journey. it is a fantastic place, and hubby's new doctor is the director of oncology for all of johns hopkins. so we know that he is in good hands.

we finally bit the bullet and went for fertility testing in an attempt to be able to make our own kids someday (hubby will be sterile after the transplant). we got our hopes up only to find out that his sperm are already immobile and deformed due to the chemo. no babies for us!

hubby's bro is not a full match on the tissue type but he is the best match that hubby has, so the docs are going with him. we start prelims on 25 august and the transplant will occur in the middle of sept. i am scared shitless of losing him.

that is the last two months in a nutshell for us.

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