a mixed week

thug's passing was followed by two intense days of procedures and prepwork at johns hopkins for the transplant. not the most fun way to spend one's time. but with each day we get closer to the last chance we have to beat his leukemia. the end of our journey. we've travelled over 5k miles, left good friends, and started a new life to be able to be here, with these doctors at this hospital. and i cannot wait.

whatever happens, i think that hubby and i are a lot more prepared than most adults facing this diagnosis. we have about 3.5 years of experience with the disease and its side effects under our belts, and i really don't think that there's a whole lot that we have not encountered during our battle.

our social worker at the hospital referred us to the ulman cancer fund for young adults, the only support group specifically for the 18-35 year old set. (this was such a relief to find--apparently, everyone else thinks that 20-somethings are too busy being young and fabulous to need a support group. yeah, right!) there's a link over in my "links" section--please check it out.

in all--this was a trying week, but hubby and i are in fighting form.

as gwen stefani would say,
"a few times i've been around that track,
and it's not gonna go down like that."

bring it on!

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