huaka'i Baltimore ho'omaka

just worked my last full week of work until around thanksgiving-ish. and boy was it a doozy. hubby and i put in tons of time facilitating a missoula children's theatre camp residency, where two people about our age show up with a pick-up truck full of sets, makeup, and costumes, and we have a week to put on a full-length musical play with a cast of 30-60 kids. if this sounds insane, it was! but it was also funny and random and (cliche alert) rewarding. we had about 35 kids of all ages to wrangle, which is not only the most effective method of birth control EVER but is also a good test for how the people you love handle stress...like when you tell them that you're expected to be two places at once during the day on friday, can they come in and watch the theatre camp for you? (there was another base special event on friday, and "special events" are unfortunately the header of my job description.) hubby rose to occasion and even helped out with the 5-year-old actors who played our "barnyard critters," then proceeded to go home and prepare a delicious multi-course meal for the two of us plus phillip and amanda, the missoula staffers (who were awesome in their own right). the whole experience was draining and funny and awesome but also made us a little melancholy when we realized how awesome it was to have people your own age to sit around and talk to. the only drawback of moving around so much is that we haven't had time to forge any real relationships other than with the people i work with, most of whom have children my age. at any rate, the theatre camp was a "bonding experience" on many, many levels.

this week, we report to the castle in the sky that is known as the sydney kimmel cancer center on johns hopkins baltimore campus. hubby and donor get their final rounds of testing, and family and i go to nursing classes (although i think the classes will be a breeze--so far we seem a lot more seasoned at this than a lot of other adult patients that we've met). chalk up one for experience!!

move in date for our apartment in baltimore is 8 sept. before that date hits, i am trying to create a full-length cd of "fighting songs" for hubby. any suggestions are welcome. so far i've got "hollaback girl" by gwen stefani and "we will rock you/we are the champions" by queen.

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