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i have not been posting a lot lately because of the intense amount of time and labor that we've been dedicating to the upcoming move. although i do have a lovely treat in store for the two people who read this page: i have been working on an entry about healthcare reform. great fun.

true story: i confessed to one of my kids at the center where i work that i started a website and wrote short essays in my spare time. you could quite literally see my "hipness quotient" diminish in the youth's eyes.

in all seriousness though, the past several months have made me consider running away to europe or canada. hubby and i are middle class, educated, and have good health insurance, and know that we're in a better situation than a lot of folks. Then why are we paying $300-$400 a month in copays for his leukemia treatment? (correction: parents-in-law are helping us with copays. since when is having to run to mommy and daddy for help part of the american dream?) don't get me wrong--hubby has received excellent care, and the percentage of the total bill that we are actually responsible for is miniscule (probably 3-4% of the total cost). but if we are struggling to keep up with this, how do people who are worse off deal with long-term illness?

and why does no one in charge seem to care?

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At 5/09/2005 12:15:00 PM, Blogger coachhope said...

No one seems to care because their are people who get paid to make them not care.... Also GW seems to think that if your bills get that bad then you can get it back in tax credit, a real big friggin helpsix or eight months down the road right... it really is BS what is going on over here.


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