double *yay*, as coach hope would say

hubby and i got home from the hospital this evening to another pleasant surprise: our orders to go to DC were here!!

tomorrow: making all of the necessary arrangements to have us and our stuff shipped over there. (and our kitty, too).

if you have any tips on flying with animals, please pass them on.

oh, and coach hope (quoted above) has a blog too. read it here.

posted by amanda @ 1:43 AM


At 5/03/2005 09:49:00 PM, Blogger Beck said...

Hey Amanda/Eric (yes you are now one :) I'm very happy to see that Eric is laying the smackdown on these complications. I'm also glad you guys are heading to DC, they have some of the best hospitals in the country and I'm sure they'll provide excellent care. I hope your move goes smoothly and I'm sure the kitty will arrive safely. Be well, guys and keep on trucking!


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