long day's night

the first night that i have to leave him at the hospital is always the hardest.

nurse (who is waaaaaaaaaay too chipper) left us with a sheaf of papers the size of a short novel bearing descriptions of all of the drugs he will be receiving, with lovely side effects printed on them like "will likely cause mouth sores," and my personal favorite, "do not attempt to conceive children while taking this medication." though admittedly, the thought of what may happen to our unborn child has been a source of humor for us (flippers!? a tail!? webbed toes!? the possibilities are really only limited by one's imagination).

posted by amanda @ 2:21 AM


At 4/12/2005 08:14:00 AM, Blogger coachhope said...

Good idea Amanda, everyone is keeping you guys in their thoughts. Keep us informed of what is happening. Take care


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